Maximum Quality with Pixvana SPIN Licensing

Underlying the SPIN platform is a state-of-the-art encoding and delivery system for VR media. We're working with select partners to embed the highest-quality VR into custom applications.

Two Ways to Play

The SPIN Play Dev Kit is built to extend Unity-based apps with frame-accurate, low-latency streaming of Pixvana FOVAS-encoded content. The Dev Kit includes source code and assets to make it easy to stream to Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, Oculus Rift headset. Or use our reference web player to extend content playback to any browser.


SPIN Unity Plugin

Extend your current Unity application with highest-quality VR streaming. Integrate playback with just a few calls into most Unity applications so you can deliver SPIN-encoded content into your own branded application.


SPIN Reference Player

Your team can get up to speed quickly and build your own branded applications using our complete reference player. It includes a full reference design with interaction controls and Unity plugins to enable gallery browsing in any supported headset.

Encoding in SPIN Publish

Enterprise clients can access the encoder directly through SPIN Publish to create and export content for streaming on their own networks. SPIN outputs up to 5 quality sets for network adaptations and 30 FOVAS tiles wrapped in MPEG DASH format. When working with 8K and 10K masters, the maximum quality AVC stream is encoded at 1920×1280 resolution at 4 Mbps VBR making it possible to stream 10K content at HD size and bit rates.

Adjust Your Focus

The above image is a simulation of streaming resolution.

Pristine Visuals

Our Field of View Adaptive Streaming technology tracks your motion to deliver crystal clear pixels wherever you look. FOVAS can deliver ultra-high (up to 50 megapixel) resolution within eyeshot.

Cost-Efficient Streaming

Commercial streaming services don’t come cheap. By only sending the pixels you see, Pixvana’s streaming technology slashes data delivered by up to 70%. Lower bandwidth means lower costs for you, with no compromise in quality.

Flexible Delivery

Compatible with the native AWS Cloudfront or Akamai CDN networks, our files conform 100% to the MPEG-DASH format to deliver adaptive streams and low-latency playback to viewers around the world.

Cloud-Based Processing

An integrated web uploader shoots content to the cloud quickly. Once there, Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) high-performance GPU clusters provide on-demand scalability and real-time interactivity, even with ultra high-res content.

What the Industry is Saying

“Nothing destroys the illusion of great storytelling like technical glitches. We don’t want to worry about how our content gets out there - we just want it to work, and we want the audience to see it at the highest quality possible. The team at Pixvana is building the platform we need to help our stories look great and reach the largest possible audience.”
Alex HenningAcademy Award winner, Co-Founder of Magnoups
“Pixvana’s SPIN technology can maximize the user-perceived VR quality across a broad variety of headset and connectivity permutations. The combination of SPIN-encoded output with Akamai’s globally distributed CDN capabilities offers joint customers an open-standards-based solution for streaming high-quality VR content to worldwide audiences.”
Troy SnyderVice President/Executive Producer of Akamai
“Pixvana has shown the best-looking VR video we’ve seen to date. An open standard for 360/FOVAS content which scales to high-quality VR headsets and lets creators of all sizes publish anywhere without requiring proprietary tools or formats is great for content creators and reflects Valve’s commitment to an open VR ecosystem.”
Sean JenkinSoftware Engineer/Business Development for Steam, Valve

Open Projection Format

Developer? Learn about our open file specification for VR streaming.

Preview Pixvana SPIN on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

Experience 8K and 10K resolution streaming VR video playback.
Download the Pixvana SPIN Technology Preview on Steam.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our content delivery system is aimed at pre-mastered VR video on-demand scenarios. We have livestream support on our roadmap and we’re interested in customer feedback on this topic.

We have encoded and delivered content from 12K resolution source files using the Pixvana SPIN pipeline. The “equivalent of” represents 12K quality to the specific field of view that is being consumed. The system can support content up to 16000 x 16000 pixels (256 Megapixels!). Based on existing headsets, Pixvana believes that 8K content represents the sweet-spot for current generation headset VR mastering. Within a few years, VR videos will need greater than 8k native resolution in order to satisfy the higher resolution HMD devices that include 2k ocular resolution per eye.

Pixvana’s FOVAS technology divides the content into dozens of unique views that are switched based on network speed and head position. We can deliver the equivalent of 8k or greater resolution with very low latency switching between viewports (FOVAS tiles) on PC-based platforms. On the HTC Vive and Oculus we can achieve sub-100 millisecond switching which is barely detectable. On mobile VR headset such as the Gear VR, our switching time is 500-1000 milliseconds which is noticeable with fast head turns.

SPIN Publish integrates directly with a CDN for low-latency delivery of content. The Pixvana platform is built on AWS.  If a customer is working with AWS Cloudfront, than we can deliver directly from Cloudfront. We have built specific optimizations for Akamai’s industry-leading CDN platform, and we have done tests with other CDNs including Comcast and Limelight.

SPIN encoded content can be played back on a variety of HMDs using either the Pixvana SPIN Play app, or our SPIN Play SDK which can be integrated into your own applications. We use open formats and codecs to deliver content which can be delivered from either Pixvana’s cloud or from your own cloud/IT infrastructure.


Our FOVAS technology is a variable technique that can use standard cube maps, and equirectangular projections or multiple custom shapes such as frustum, pyramid, etc. This lets you encode in a way that is appropriate for the content and target platform. Our system will be an open specification and 100% MPEG Dash compliant, and includes our reference player which is available to enterprise partners for direct integration in custom branded apps that can be distributed directly to consumers.

Pixvana SPIN content is delivered using three interlinked file formats, an OPF file for player setup and switching, MPEG-DASH for bandwidth and tile adaptation and AVC encoded audio/video streams using the .mp4 format. You can contribute to the Open Projection Format (OPF).

Yes. For enterprise partners, Pixvana provides a SPIN Play plugin built using the Unity platform. Our SPIN Player plugin for Unity enables developers to embed SPIN’s FOVAS encoded playback into a custom app.

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